Iridal Abscesses – Rabbit

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Iridal abscesses require the use of parenteral oxytetracycline or enrofloxacin and topical tobramycin. This can also be one of the manifestations of Encephalitozoon cuniculi infection. See notes in Urogenital and Nervous Systems. Note E. cuniculi also causes other ophthalmic lesions; capsular rupture, cataract development and pyogranulomatous phacoclastic uveitis. Serological testing to differentiate the cause (between Pasteurella and Encephailitozoon) may be helpful. Phacoclastic uveitis can develop to such an extent that lens removal by phacofragmentation may be necessary, but the rabbit has an ability to regenerate the lens after this procedure (van der Woerdt 2005).


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