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About me

Kim is a veterinary surgeon with over 17 years experience in e-learning for veterinary and medical education. He joined the new LIVE team at the Royal Veterinary College in May 2006 as Senior Lecturer in Independent Learning. I'm married with two daughters - 14 and 17 years old.


Picture of me in Denmark (my Mum is Danish)
Kim at the beach

My dog - she loves water...
Polly having fun

What I hope to get out of this project

I hope that we can create a learning community that will help us to understand how groups like this can work remotely. I also would like to see everyone being engaged in and empowered by this exciting opportunity.

My best learning experience

Probably, learning to ring church bells. It was a true community of practice with experts who showed what we were aiming for and guided us as learners in a difficult technical challenge - just enough challenge so it was interesting, and then as soon as we were able to help others, guided to take on the role of supporter/teacher.

Pathology that interests me

I was introduced to human forensic pathology when at Bristol University - this can clearly be very shocking, but a really enthusiastic pathologist made it 'come alive'! I'm also keen on stories, so I guess forensic path has that characteristic too.

Pathology that I think is difficult

Initially, just the concepts and the 'new' language. Later on, being able to apply the basics to 'real' situations.

Day one thoughts

What I learnt today

  • You can never do too much preparation for workshops
  • Face to works well
  • We still don't know enough about online communities!

What I still need to learn

  • See some of ToDo List of Technical Stuff on Wiki
  • More about supporting an online community

How I feel about what has happened today

  • It is going to be challenging
  • Potentially, it could be very good
  • Good group - it'll be interesting to see what happens!

Three weeks into the wikivet project (or thereabouts)

Sections I've been working on

Not a major contributor in the content sense, but a few words have been splattered in the following sections:

What I feel I've gained so far from being involved in the project

  • I've been surprised how enthusiastic and productive the students have been
  • I feel we are learning about community formation and how to sustain it with small amounts of cash
  • Being part of a a friendly group of people all contributing to a common goal that has produced something tangible and easilly understandable in the technology field.

Problems or issues that I've had or can forsee

  • Needing to produce some activities to support students learning from the resource
  • Image sources not being entirely clear
  • Keeping tabs with everything that is going on in the wiki

My suggestions for improving the way the project works for the future

  • We need to get the balance right between shutting the wiki down and making contributors welcome
  • Producing more stories and anecdotes (?residents/experienced pathologists)
  • Building concept mapping into the server

What involvement I would like to have with the project in the future

  • Continued pedagogic involvment
  • Strategic advice
  • Research possibilities


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