Microscopic Anatomy of the Nephron - Renal Flash Cards - Anatomy & Physiology

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Question Answer Link
Which two structures make up the renal corpuscle? The glomerulus and bowmans capsule Link
What are the layers of the bowmans capsule?
  • Inner visceral layer / podocytes
  • Outer parietal layer
What are the two parts of the proximal tubule?
  • Pars convoluta
  • Pars recta
True/False - The proximal tubule has a brush border of microvilli? True Link
What is significant about the basal lamina of cells in the proximal tubule? It is striated. This increases the surface area for reabsorption Link
What are the three parts of the loop of henle?
  • Thin descending limb
  • Thin ascending limb
  • Thick ascending limb
The collecting duct forms the link between which two structures?
  • The distal tubule
  • The area cribosa of the papilla
What are the two cell types found in the collecting duct?
  • Intercalated cells
  • Principal cells
What is the vasa recta? The name given to the blood vessels supplying the renal medulla Link