Musculoskeletal Terminology - Pathology

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  • Arthritis - inflammation of intra-articular structures
  • Arthropathy - all-encompassing term referring to any joint disease, whether inflammatory or not
  • Desmitis - inflammation of ligaments
  • Eburnation - loss of articular cartilage of joint -> exposure of subchondral bone -> becomes dense and polished
  • Ecterodactylia - cleft in paw extending to metacarpus of dogs and cats
  • Enostosis - benign bony growth with medullary cavity, may obliterate the cavity
  • Entheses - tendon insertions
  • Exostosis - see osteophyte
  • Fibrillation- loss of proteoglycans in articular cartilage -> condensation of collagen fibres -> fraying of surface
  • Hemimelia - abscence of one of limb bones
  • Hyperostosis - benign uniform ingrease in size, due to periosteal growth
  • Joint mice - detached articular cartilage remaining within joint
  • Osteophyte - benign nodular bony projections from surface of bone
  • Pannus - fibrovascular and histiocytic tissue, arises from insertion of synovial membrane and spreads over adjacent cartilage, or from subchondral marrow ane separates cartilage from the bone
  • Polydactylia - increased number of digits
  • Syndactylia - fusion of toes
  • Synovitis - inflammation of the synovial membrane
  • Tendosynovitis - inflammation of tendon and its sheeth
  • Tenosynovitis - inflammation of tendon synovial sheeth