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Natalie Brown

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Contact details

About me

I am a Veterinary student at the RVC in London.

I have a passion for birds, especially parrots and birds of prey. I hope to become an avian vet on qualifying.

I am originally from Bracknell in Berkshire, but currently live outside Stratford-upon-Avon with my varied assortment of pets-ranging from goats to guinea-pigs. My two cockatiels are my favourite animals and usually come with me everywhere. I have recently completed a LANTRA award in falconry and hope it should stand me in good stead later in life.

What I hope to get out of this project

This project will be a useful way of revising and learning anatomy again. Creating hyperlinks to other sections of wikivet will enable me to integrate my knowledge and get to know other veterinary students from other vet schools to help with certain subjects. Hopefully the people I meet now and the contacts made will last throughout my career.

My best learning experience in the past

Visiting Uganda to help build a school in Kampala and seeing the difference small acts can make.

Curriculum area that interests me

Avian medicine- especially falconry.

Topics that are difficult

Drugs!! Learning the names and actions of loads of different drugs, especially for exams is the most difficult part of the veterinary course (so far).


Day one thoughts

What (three things) I learnt today

  • How to edit Wiki
  • That the wiki schools project is world-wide
  • That composing a wiki page is actually very straight forward

What I still need to learn

  • Copywright
  • Imaging

How I feel about what has happened today

Putting things into practice was actually very simple. To start with a lot of information was given to us all in a short space of time, but when things start coming together and each page starts to take shape, it feels very rewarding.

Three weeks into the wikivet project (or thereabouts)

Sections I've been working on


What I feel I've gained so far from being involved in the project

  • A really good knowledge of the alimentary system
  • Computer skills, like creating a CMAP
  • More complicated wikiskills such as creating flashcards

Problems or issues that I've had or can forsee

  • Attaining imaging copyrights
  • Finding enough images

My suggestions for improving the way the project works for the future

  • Make sure each page is named correctly with its appropriate section in the title heading
  • Adding in links to other sections and going back through past sections as the pages are created to make the wiki user friendly

What involvement (if any!) I would like to have with the project in the future

  • Developing further sections that are not yet created or finished