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Nottingham Workshop

10th August 2009

This summer, the RCVS Trust have generously funded the development of a multiple choice question bank to complement the WikiVet content. It is a collaborative initiative between the RVC, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Cambridge vet schools and questions will be authored by students from the participating schools. The questions will all be subject to peer review and approved by an expert panel to ensure a high level of quality assurance.

A recent WikiVet workshop involving students, graduates and staff from the four participating UK vet schools was held at Nottingham vet school in order to plan the development of the questionbank. The workshop included sessions on how to author good questions, an opportunity to practise using the software and general discussion on the project. As representatives from all four schools attended, we were provided with a rare opportunity to discuss the initiative and its application and value at different universities, as well as an excellent chance for the whole team to meet each other.


Participants from left to right : Sarah Woods (Edinburgh), Cherry Bushell (RCVS Trust), Chris Burton (Nottingham), Matt Field (RVC), Bev Panto (front) (RVC), Kara Gibson (RVC), Kim Chong (RVC), Natasha Jocelyn (front) (Cambridge), Nick Short (RVC), Richard Hammond (Nottingham) Asher Allison (Nottingham).