Practical Approaches To Calf Health And Welfare Without Breaking The Bank

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Practical Approaches To Calf Health And Welfare Without Breaking The Bank

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Calf health and welfare have a major impact on the economic viability of cattle operations, due to the direct costs of calf losses, treatment and the long-term effects on performance. It is therefore crucial that as farm vets, we support the farmer by working to pro-actively support high standards in this area. However, due to economic pressures on farmers, it is important we also look at ways of promoting good health and welfare which does not cost huge amounts of money but also saves money. This talk will discuss the principles of good calf health and welfare and the theory of how to achieve it. We will look at methods of assessing welfare and health before discussing what tools we have to maintain this at a high standard. Finally, the talk will highlight a real U.K. case example from initial setup to implementation of ideas to create a profitable calf rearing unit. You should go away feeling more confident in using a similar approach on your farms and being able to adapt and change for different setups and conditions.


Wed 28th September 2022, 11:21 am


The Webinar Vet


Navaratnam Partheeban


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