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Lleyn sheep
  • The Lleyn originated from the Lleyn peninsula in Wales.
  • Lleyn are naturally polled with a white or cream colour fleece.
  • Their head is cream/white in colour with a black nose and thick ears with black spots.
  • Lleyn ewes have good maternal instincts and are known as a relatively easy care breed.
  • This breed has become more popular in recent years due to its versatility for lowland or upland breeding.

Clun Forest

Clun forest.jpg
  • The Clun Forest originated from Shropshire in England.
  • They are a docile breed that have a distinct face that is dark rich in colour, narrow and free from wool; except for a wollen top knot on the top of the head.
  • The Clun Forest breed are polled.
  • Clun Forests have black legs and feet, free from wool from the hock downwards.
  • They can adapt to a variety of conditions and are known as a relatively easy care breed.

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