Tunisia - National School of Veterinary Medicine of Sidi Thabet

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The National Veterinary School of Sidi Thabet is a constituent school of The University of Manouba. Founded in 1974, it is the only veterinary medicine school in Tunisia. It is under the tutelage of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries and The Ministry of Higher Education. The school’s reputation for excellence and their pioneering work in teaching, research and clinical services means they are able to innovate and keep at the forefront of theory and practice.


The National Veterinary School, Sidi Thabet, founded in 1974 started to provide a number of courses for students who had a very good mark in the baccalaureate and choose to enter the school for Five Years. Since the university year of 2005-2006 an internal year was added to the curriculum for the final year students and the admission to the school became after achieving a one year preparatory course in Biology/Geology and succeeding in the National competition of admission to the Veterinary Medicine School and those who achieved successfully 2 years of studies in The life & Earth sciences. Annually the number of admitted students is about 80.


The School provides for 4 years long, divided in 2 cycles, a number of undergraduate courses in order to obtain the certificate of achieving veterinary medicine studies and The Doctorate on Veterinary Medicine after discussing a Thesis. The main courses studied on these years are:

  • Fundamental Sciences: Pharmacy/Toxicology, Biological and medical Physics and Chemistry, Physiology and Therapeutics, Histology and Pathological Anatomy, Microbiology-Immunology and General Pathology, Domestic animals anatomy.
  • Clinical Sciences: Aviculture/Avian Pathology, Livestock Semiology and medical pathology, Surgery Techniques and Pathologies, Equine and Pets medical Pathologies/ Veterinary Legislation, Reproduction Sciences and Pathologies, Parasitology/Parasitological Diseases and Zoology, Contagious Diseases/Zoonosis and Health legislation.
  • Animal Production: Hygiene and Animal Origin foodstuff industry, Animal Feeding Science, Zootechnical Science and Rural Economy, Marine Biology/Aquaculture and Ichtyopathology.
  • Integrated Teaching: Dromedary Science, Artificial Insemination, Rabbit Production and Pathologies.



School name

Tunisia - National School of Veterinary Medicine of Sidi Thabet




Sidi Thabet/Ariana

Principal's name

Professor Mohamed Aziz DARGHOUTH

Total number of Students

Number of Undergraduates

Number of Postgraduates

Website address

Contact details

Ecole nationale de médecine vétérinaire de Sidi Thabet Ariana Tunisia +216 71552200

Student Ambassador