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Occupation Veterinarian
Veterinary School UK - Nottingham
Year of Graduation 2011
Email -

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Everything that doesn't really sit in a nice "box":

Wiki Family

  • Setup Spanish and French versions of WikiVet
  • Setup WikiVet Commons

Site Structure

  • Completely integrated all four wikis into one central code base to provide unification of features.
    • Extensions and settings now shared between all wikis
  • Helped open up a non-registered user 'sample section'
  • Introduced the code for collapsible tables onto WikiVet
  • Perform overall page maintenance
    • Remove duplicate, old and unused pages across the wiki
    • Produce content maps for many section, notably WikiPath
    • Re-built many sections and altered pages to conform with formating and naming standards or to make the page more accessible from the search function


  • Co-ordinated Nottingham's involvement on the wiki in the summer of 2007


  • Moved wiki onto new server to improve service, features of the wiki and reduce running costs of the server
  • Instigated lucene search onto server to improve wiki searches