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Occupation Veterinarian
Veterinary School UK - Nottingham
Year of Graduation 2011
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  • Vetgate database into WV
  • Google Translate - “back to English version”
  • Categories list at the bottom of each page, revert back to previous version, i.e. remove the editing option (HotKeys)
  • Training day for CT and BS - never going to happen
  • Access to Google Analytics
  • Improve registration page? possibly done already
  • Video implementation plus a template
  • Image storing between English and Spanish sites, possible to share images without uploading twice?
  • Dictionary (Roy Mack) into WV
  • Content Maps
  • Spanish site: extensions (category tree etc.) to mimic English site
  • Licences available on WV to reflect options on Wikimedia Commons too
  • WikiQuiz
    • Look into streamlining uploading of MCQ questions into WikiQuiz
    • Allow it to be adapted for different number of options
  • Like this/rating/feedback system for pages
  • NOAH database
  • ‘random page’ button that can search within a category

To Do

  • Upgrade commons to latest version due to IE incompatibility with vector skin in current build
  • Stop users adding special characters to username in registration form
  • Enable user names to have special characters in 'user' table
  • Enabled social networking link in vet school template?
  • Newsletter
    • Update confirmaccount extension to automatically add news users to newsletter if this is indicated
    • Create links to allow users to sign up to newsletter
    • Update ConfirmAccount extension to avoid conflicts were users are already subscribed to newsletter
    • Process newsletter replies/bounces
  • Implement bookmark extension?
  • Mobile devices
    • WikiVet app development
    • Mobile rendering of the wiki
  • Improve upload form
  • Localisation of extensions
    • Particularly ConfirmAccount Extension
  • Look at centralising extensions (and localsettings.php?)
  • Bridge user pages and vetschool lists across the wikis
  • More than one search daemon on same server? - proving difficult - Dec 2011
  • Add PDF support for exporting pages as in wikipedia
  • Optimise FlashCard extension for standard resolution screens
  • Replace WikiVet user map to internalise it into the wiki
  • Create the WikiVet team page?
  • Rename pages in reproductive anatomy and physiology to more appropriate names - Barbora has done
  • Investigate database plug-in implementation
  • Cron job for mystery girl?
  • Test facebook extension
  • Look into interface for CMS of videos

*Increasing the number of wikis

    • Linking different wikis for internationalisation of WikiVet
    • Universal log-in for several WikiVets of different languages
  • Create newsletter email list
  • Increase size of search box if possible
  • Re-design upload form to better accommodate copyright details
    • Create navigate scheme for inexperienced users here
  • Registration page
    1. Change school list wording and improve user categorisation
    2. Modify registration form to accommodate new user page design
    • Update Registration form to better cater for nurses
  • Write help section for customising user page
  • Looking into mailing list system
  • Improve search function on WikiVet
  • Investigate LDAP integration
  • Rework main page for screens with lower resolutions