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Contact Details

Mobile: 07979 665819

About me

I'm Alex, a 6th year vet at Cambridge Vet School and I am one of the members of the WikiVet community. I'm here today with Tim Scase who is a pathologist up at Cambridge.

What I hope to get out of this project

I'm here because I think that the Wiki Vet project is a marvelous idea to integrate the pathology content of the vet schools to provide a common source of resources for all vet students, residents, researchers and practicing veterinarians. I hope to be able to build the backbone of a system that will grow and evolve as time goes by and look forwards to creating a new and innovative system of learning.

My best learning experience

I learn best when I'm able to put in to practise what I am being tought. My best learning experiences have therefore been on my EMS where I have been able to perform operations, euthanasias and other wonderfully useful and interesting procedures.


...that I like

I'm interested in most aspects of pathology and appreciate cardiopathology the most.

...that I dislike

I can't say I'm particularly great at neuropathology and would benefit from additional teaching and resources in this field

Day one thoughts

What (three things) I learnt today

  • Individuals require differing processes of 'learning' to achieve understanding and competency in a subject.
  • An indvidual who is forced to learn using a method that is refractory to their way of thinking will only achieve limited gain from a resource.
  • I gained confidence in using the wiki editing style and managing file uploads and pictures.

What I still need to learn

As we go along we need to learn to make sure that we don't turn this into a text only site and bring in other methods of displaying information.

How I feel about what has happened today

I'm enthused and very eager to get cracking - I wish I had more than the 2 weeks!

Three weeks into the wikivet project (or thereabouts)

Sections I've been working on

What I feel I've gained so far from being involved in the project

  • Building a site that is going to be of significant benefit to students and interns
  • I feel quite Wikicompetent!
  • Being part of a team and watching the site grow because of the group effort.

Problems or issues that I've had or can forsee

  • No problems as yet I've not been able to resolve
  • May need to adopt a better naming system for pages as some are quite vague and may need to be refined

My suggestions for improving the way the project works for the future

  • None really - working pretty well as it is!
  • Once all the material is up it might be an idea to go through it all for a week or so and majorly interlink the pages
  • Formatting contents pages etc. to have some continuity?

What involvement (if any!) I would like to have with the project in the future

  • Continue to imput suggestions for learning environments
  • Flashcard and other tools updating
  • Advancing to a clinical side of wikivet and implementing more concept mapping for these sections