Veins of the Hindlimb - Anatomy & Physiology

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The hindlimb deep veins are very closely related to their respective arteries. Essentially the lay out of the veins is similar in all domestic species.

The veins of the pelvic limb originate in venous networks at the distal limit; the arcus terminalis. The networks converge and form the following veins (in distal to proximal order):

1.Medial and lateral plantar digital veins

2.Metatarsal veins

3.Dorsal pedal vein

4.Cranial tibial vein

5.Medial saphenous vein

6.Lateral saphenous vein

7.Popliteal vein

8.Femoral vein

Both of the saphenous veins are the only hindlimb veins that run superficially and the medial vein is the largest of the two, except in dogs.

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