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VetChat from The Webinar Vet - Presented By Ben Sweeney

A podcast for the veterinary profession where we chat about everything from clinical cases to hot topical debates - brought to you by The Webinar Vet and Simply Locums.

VetChat S4 Episode 4: Thom Jenkins - Digitalising The Veterinary World

Anthony Chadwick | 25th January 2021

Today's episode of VetChat is hosted by Anthony Chadwick, he is joined by Thom Jenkins, Co-Founder and CEO of 'PetsApp'. They talk about Thom's great and varied career so far, the world going digital and the purpose behind 'PetsApp'.

VetChat S4 Episode 3: Pete Wedderburn - Change Within The Veterinary Profession

Ben Sweeney | 25th January 2021

Joining Ben for today’s episode of VetChat is Pete Wedderburn, media veterinarian with regular national TV and radio appearances, and writer for a column in the Daily Telegraph since 2007. They chat about Pete’s 35 years of experience, how the veterinary profession has changed over time and how to get the most out of your time within it.

VetChat S4 Episode 2: Laura Massey-Pugh - SteLa Tandem Around the World

Ben Sweeney | 18th January 2021

Joining Ben for today’s episode of VetChat is Laura Massey-Pugh, Small Animal Vet. They chat all about ‘SteLa Tandem Around the World’ which is Laura’s and her husband Steven’s attempt to cycle around the World on a tandem bicycle in 180 days, setting a new World Record.

VetChat S4 Episode 1: James Russell - Behind The Scenes at BVA

Ben Sweeney | 11th January 2021

Joining Ben for today’s episode of VetChat is James Russell, BVA President. Ben and James discuss what has been going on behind the scenes at BVA in light of the new government guidelines and what teams can do at a practice level to work through this time.

VetChat S3 Episode 16: Jason Atherton - Life In The Veterinary Profession

Ben Sweeney | 4th January 2021

Joining Ben for today’s episode of VetChat is Jason Atherton, Director of Eden Hill Practice at Westway Veterinary Group, and Business Development Director at VetPartners. Ben and Jason catch up and discuss how Jason’s career has developed so far, and the importance of teamwork within the profession.

VetChat S3 Episode 15: Lynn Mckeown - Understanding Leadership

Ben Sweeney | 31st December 2020

Joining Ben for today’s episode of VetChat is Lynn Mckeown, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach and Expert. They discuss all things leadership, the concept of NLP and how it can be used within your business.

VetChat S3 Episode 14: Lizzie Bewsey-Dyke - Helping Veterinary Graduates

Ben Sweeney | 28th December 2020

Joining Ben for today’s episode of VetChat is Lizzie Bewsey-Dyke, founder of ‘Grads to Vets’. They talk about the challenges that new graduates face when entering the veterinary profession, how import it is to offer CPD that is tailored to those that are newly qualified and still learning the ins and outs of the profession, and how ‘Grads to Vets’ came to be!

VetChat S3 Episode 13: Cat Auden and Dan Tipney - Human Factors in the Veterinary Profession

Ben Sweeney | 21st December 2020

Joining Ben for today’s episode of VetChat is Cat Auden, Veterinary Surgeon and Head of Collaboration at VetLed, and Dan Tipney, Human Factors Specialist and Head of Evidence and Insights at VetLed. They chat about human factors in veterinary science, what steps we can take as individuals in the profession to maintain our wellbeing and how VetLed is helping to implement human factors into the profession.

VetChat S3 Episode 12: Daniel Cummings - Understanding Cat Behaviours

Ben Sweeney | 14th December 2020

Joining Ben for today’s episode is Daniel Cummings, Cats Protection’s Behaviour Officer. Ben and Daniel talk about the fascinating topic of cat behaviour, how much we currently understand, advice on getting to know your cat, and what we can do to ensure we provide a safe environment for our feline friends.

VetChat S3 Episode 11: Camilla Edwards - All Things Ultrasound

Ben Sweeney | 8th December 2020

Joining Ben for today’s episode is Camilla Edwards, peripatetic veterinary ultrasonographer, and founder of First Opinion Veterinary Ultrasound. They discuss all things ultrasound, the history of Camilla’s career to where she is now and offer guidance on how to find your own path in the veterinary profession.

VetChat S3 Episode 10: Daniella Dos Santos and Gudrun Ravetz - The Good Workplaces Initiative

Ben Sweeney | 7th December 2020

Joining Ben in today’s episode is Senior Vice President of the BVA Daniella Dos Santos and Chair of the Good Workplaces Initiative Gudrun Ravetz. They discuss why they set up the initiative, how it will help the veterinary profession and what defines a good workplace culture.

VetChat S3 Episode 9: Rosie Allister - Supporting Veterinary Graduates

Ben Sweeney | 30th November 2020

Joining Ben for today’s episode is Rosie Allister, leading campaigner and researcher for and about veterinary mental health, as well as a veterinary educator. Ben and Rosie chat all about the level of responsibility-experience mismatch in graduates and how this affects not only graduates but those who support them in practice.

VetChat S3 Episode 8: Marc Abraham - Going Beyond Lucy's Law

Ben Sweeney | 23rd November 2020

Joining Ben in today’s episode is Marc Abraham ‘Marc the Vet’, practicing Veterinary Surgeon, Broadcaster, Author, and Animal Welfare Campaigner. In this episode, Ben and Marc discuss Marc’s incredible career and the campaigns he’s helped make happen, including Lucy’s Law.

VetChat S3 Episode 7: Georgie Hollis - Wound Management

Ben Sweeney | 16th November 2020

Joining Ben for today’s episode is independent specialist in wound management and dressing technologies, Georgie Hollis. Ben and Georgie discuss how she got to her position now, how wound care in the profession has developed over the year and how Vet Wound library came to be.

VetChat S3 Episode 6: Rob Pope - Emergency Vet and Real Life Forrest Gump

Ben Sweeney | 9th November 2020

Recorded back in summer, in this week’s episode, Ben is joined by Rob Pope, an emergency veterinarian by night and elite distance runner by day – or as Ben describes him “Fellow scouser, beard aficionado and part-time interested in ridiculous challenge like running 50 million miles across America”. Ben and Rob have a good catch up and discuss Rob’s insane career and life so far.

*Note* this episode’s audio isn’t great, but it’s such a fun interview we didn’t want you to miss out!

VetChat S3 Episode 5: Claire Roberts - 25 Years of Veterinary Nursing

Ben Sweeney | 2nd November 2020

Joining Ben for today’s episode is Claire Roberts, Professional Development Manager at Linnaeus. Claire has been involved in veterinary nursing for over 25 years and she and Ben will be chatting about how her career has evolved over time and the ups and downs that have come along with it.

VetChat S3 Episode 4: Daniella Dos Santos - Diversity in the Veterinary Profession (Pt. 2)

Ben Sweeney | 26th October 2020

In today’s episode, Ben is joined by BVA president, Daniella Dos Santos for another episode discussing diversity in the veterinary profession. This week, they’re chatting about the pathways to entry into the profession and the impact this has on diversity.

VetChat S3 Episode 3: BVDA President - Paul Cooper

Ben Sweeney | 19th October 2020

Joining Ben to chat today is Paul Cooper, president of the British Veterinary Dental Association (BVDA). The Webinar Vet was incredibly excited to host the BVDA Scientific Day 2020 in September and Ben and Paul caught up a few weeks before launch to discuss how the event moved online, what the BVDA have been working on and much more!

VetChat S3 Episode 2: Vet Your Breasts

Ben Sweeney | 12th October 2020

Today, Ben is joined by Anna, David and Nicola who will be chatting all about “Vet Your Breasts”, which was created to remind everyone in the veterinary community (vets, nurses, ACAs, reception and management teams and all other members of staff) of the importance of regular breast checks so that we stand the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer.

VetChat S3 Episode 1: Jo Hinde - BVNA This is Us 2020

Ben Sweeney | 5th October 2020

Joining Ben for the first episode of Season 3 of VetChat is BVNA President, Jo Hinde to chat about BVNA’s 2020 online conference, This is Us. Jo chats to Ben about how This Is Us 2020 is a truly unique event compared to previous years, what the event looks like and also about the role of the BVNA and the ever-changing role of the RVN in practice.