Veterinary epidemiology: software for sampling and surveys

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When conducting a descriptive or analytic study which requires sampling a subset of the population, it is of vital importance to consider the required sample size. Although this can be easily achieved when using simple random sampling, it becomes more complex in the case of more complex sampling strategies. The following pieces of software are available to assist with these calculations:

Also found in Bayesfreecalc2 (part of FreeBS)

  • FreeCalc (Epidemiological calculator for planning and analysis of surveys to detect disease or prove freedom from disease. Calculates sample size requirements based on diagnostic test sensitivity and specificity, taking population size into account, and analyses the results of such surveys)
  • PS (Interactive program for performing power and sample size calculations. It can be used for studies with dichotomous, continuous, or survival response measures. The alternative hypothesis of interest may be specified either in terms of differing response rates, means, or survival times, or in terms of relative risks or odds ratios)