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Mission Statement

The WikiVet™ mission is to become the prime site through which veterinary students, practitioners and associated parties can access reliable veterinary educational resources. This will place it in an influential position with the potential to impact on veterinary learning at a global level. Not only does this enable WikiVet to enhance the quality of veterinary education, but it can also go some way to addressing the disparity of access to veterinary knowledge in the less privileged veterinary schools of the world.

Guiding Principles


  • is an online educational resource for the veterinary community;
  • is a wiki which enables a community of veterinary users to create, edit and review its content;
  • offers free registration which is limited to the veterinary community;
  • licenses all of its content under a Creative Commons licence;
  • strives to provide the highest quality and peer reviewed content;
  • operates an inclusive model which embraces collaborations with veterinary schools and related institutions worldwide;
  • has an independent editorial policy with no commercial bias;
  • follows sound pedagogical principles in order to ensure that any resources are of clear educational benefit to users;
  • runs as a non-profit educational organisation;
  • is driven by a group of enthusiastic educationalists.