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Part of the Adnexa of the Reproductive tract.


  • Bilateral sheets of connective tissue.
  • It is arranged into three functional regions:
    • Mesovarium - Attaches to the Ovaries.
    • Mesosalpinx - Attaches to the Oviduct.
    • Mesometrium - Attaches to the Uterus, Cervix and Cranial Vagina.


  • To convey blood vessels, lymphatics and nerves to and from the female reproductive tract
  • To support the organs of the reproductive tract
  • Formation of the Ovarian Bursa by the Mesosalpinx and Mesovarium.
  • Positioning of the reproductive tract. This is possible due to the smooth muscle extensions from the myometrium into the mesometrium of the broad ligament, enabling it to contract and relax.

Origin & Insertion

  • Originates from the dorsal abdominal wall and pelvic walls.
  • The broad ligaments are continuous with the serosal layer of the female reproductive tract.

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