Calvarial Hyperostotic Syndrome

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  • Idiopathic hyperostosis in calvaria of young male Bullmastiffs
  • 5-10mths old, male
  • Similar to craniomandibular osteopathy (CMO)
  • Progressive and often assymetrical skull bone formation
  • Grossly:
    • Trabeceulae of the calvarial diploe are thickened and contiguous with a sunburst-like pattern of subperiosteal trabeculae composed of woven and lamellar bone
    • Considerable remodeling (contrast with CMO – where there is rarely much remodeling of the woven bone to lamellar cortical bone)
  • Histologically:
    • Mild inflammation (mainly neutrophils)
    • Loose fibrovascular connective tissue supporting stroma
  • May be familial, ?sex linked