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Equine Reproduction and Stud Medicine Flashcards provided by Manson Publishing

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This category contains Equine Reproduction and Stud Medicine Q&A flashcards provided by Mansons publishing, as part of the OVAL Project. Each flashcard consists of descriptions of an Equine case with questions and answer.

These questions are taken from the Equine Reproduction and Stud Medicine Self-Assessment Colour Review book which features a total of 216 questions.


  1. Foal with ocular lesion
  2. Foal with facial deformity
  3. The dummy mare
  4. Emergency call to foaling
  5. Abortion at 8mo gestation
  6. 12yo multiparous Barren mare
  7. Subfertile mare uterine endoscopy
  8. Endometrial structures
  9. Penile condition
  10. Castration complication
  11. Inguinal swelling
  12. 23yo mare examined for pregnancy 14d after ovulation
  13. Foaling horse with enlarging abdomen
  14. Cervical bacterium
  15. Mare behaviour
  16. Teaser stallions
  17. Stages of Parturition
  18. Perineal laceration
  19. Post-partum mare
  20. Caesarean section
  21. Four month old foal with neurological signs

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