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A 19-year-old multiparous pregnant Percheron mare is presented with a rapidly enlarging abdomen with abrupt development of an extensive area of painful oedema on the ventral abdominal wall. She is 325 days from the last service date and has exhibited increasing depression and discomfort during the previous 24 hours. Rectal examination found a presenting foal with head and legs inside the pelvis, the foal moved vigorously when touched, the cervix was slightly dilated. Ultrasound examination of the enlarging abdomen showed the possibility of fluid, most likely blood extravasated into the abdominal tissues. Over the next half hour, the mare’s heart rate increased to 70/minute and respiratory efforts became more laboured with further signs of developing depression.

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What could be the likely clinical conditions present? Link to Article
How would you differentiate these conditions? Link to Article
What are some of the predisposing factors? Link to Article
What supportive measures would you undertake in the early stages? Link to Article

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