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Reptiles and Amphibians Flashcards provided by Manson Publishing

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This category contains Reptiles and Amphibians Q&A flashcards provided by Mansons publishing, as part of the OVAL Project. Each flashcard consists of descriptions of a Reptiles and Amphibians case with questions and answers.

These questions are taken from the Reptiles and Amphibians Self-Assessment Colour Review book which features a total of 257 questions.


  1. Small dark invertebrate found on the surface of a snake's skin
  2. Male snake unable to retract one of his hemipenes
  3. 15 yo turtle unable to walk with a deformed shell
  4. Sudden death of a skink
  5. Snake with hard and yellow-orange fat on an abnormal diet
  6. Radiographs of a mature iguana
  7. Blood smear with abnormal erythrocytes
  8. Clawed frogs with ulcerations and sudden mortality following a feeding of salmon
  9. Abnormal liver from an adult African leopard tortoise
  10. Juvenile boa constrictor who is star-gazing
  11. Blood smear from a spiny-tailed iguana
  12. Two different 3 yo red-eared slider turtles
  13. Radiograph of an adult desert tortoise with anorexia, blindness and anaemia
  14. Juvenile boa constrictor
  15. Rupture of the skin of a boa fed live rats
  16. Sense organ of some lizards and the tuatara
  17. Adult Galapagos turtles fed mixed vegetables, especially cabbage
  18. Diamondback terrapin with a mouth disorder
  19. Necropsy of a tortoise that was reluctant to walk
  20. Stomach specimens from a snake
  21. Collared lizard with a red-orange mass on its skin
  22. Taipan snake with a swelling in the region of its heart
  23. Faecal sample from an iguana
  24. Examination of an insectivorous skink and complications

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