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This is one of a group of approximately 100 African clawed frogs that experienced a sudden mortality following a single feeding of thawed, frozen salmon brought into the laboratory by an animal caretaker who had caught the fish.

All of the dead and dying frogs shared identical gross lesions consisting of full-thickness cutaneous ulcerations. The mucous integument that surrounded each ulcer was raised and erythematous. Gross necropsy and histopathologic findings were minimal, consisting only of ulceration and mild mononuclear leukocytic infiltration of the denuded skeletal muscle.

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What is your tentative diagnosis? Link to Article
What tests would you perform to confirm your diagnosis? Link to Article
What is the prognosis? Link to Article
How would you treat the remaining frogs? Link to Article
What control measures should be instituted to prevent a repetition of this problem? Link to Article

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