Ctenocephalides canis

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Also known as: Dog flea

Ctenocephalides canis
Class Insecta
Order Siphonaptera
Family Pulicidae
Species Ctenocephalides canis
Ctenocephalides canis
Luis Fernández García 2007, Wikimedia Commons


Dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, foxes and humans


C. canis is very similar to C.felis, and of the order Siphonaptera. The first genal spine is 0.5 times the length of the second, and C. canis has a more rounded head than C. felis.

See general flea structure.

Life Cycle

Again, very similar to C. felis. The eggs are produced soon after arrival on the host. They then hatch into larvae, which undergo two moults before entering the pupae stage. The pupae may remain dormant for a year or longer, and are stimulated to hatch by mechanical stimuli such as vibrations.

Under suitable conditions, the complete life cycle can take as little as 3 weeks.

See general flea life cycle.

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