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A 23-year-old mixed breed horse is examined because of failure to shed its winter coat, chronic coughing and, more recently, partial anorexia and loss of weight. A serum chemistry had the following abnormalities: hyperglycaemia (9.2mmol/l; 166mg/dl) and increased liver enzyme activity (AST, 560u/l; GGT, 167u/l). Clinical examination reveals widespread wheezes during thoracic auscultation. The temperature and heart rate are normal but the respiratory rate is elevated (20bpm) and there appears to be an increase in expiratory effort.

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What diseases are most probable from the clinical examination of this patient? Link to Article
What further diagnostic tests should be performed to help confirm your diagnosis? Link to Article
How might the elevation in liver enzymes be related to one of the physically apparent disorders? Link to Article

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