Feline Aggression Towards People

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Feline Aggression Towards People
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The most common motivations for aggression towards people are fear, anxiety, frustration and misdirected predatory behaviour. These produce offensive and defensive patterns of aggression. In some cases the human victim may not be the primary target for the aggressive behaviour and a diagnosis of redirected aggression may be made. From a therapeutic point of view the motivation for aggression is crucial to formulating a successful treatment plan.
Pathogenic organisms, such as Pasteurella species are part of the normal flora of the oral cavity of cats, leading to serious complications after cat bite injuries. Victims of cat bites and scratches should be advised to seek medical attention

Section Content:

Fear-Related Aggression
Frustration-Related Aggression
Aggression Associated with Human Interaction
Misdirected Feline Predatory Behaviour


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