Interstitial Pneumonia

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Interstitial pneumonia (Image sourced from Bristol Biomed Image Archive with permission)
  • Lung inflammation that occurs primarily in alveolar walls rather than in alveolar spaces
  • Can be widely distributed but is often most severe in caudal lung lobes
  • Diffuse or patchy damage to alveolar septa, may be acute or chronic
  • Lesions in most cases result from blood-borne insult and are more likely to involve the dorsocaudal regions, although the damage is often diffuse
  • No concentrated inflammatory response in the airway, only secondary to damage of alveolar walls
  • As part of systemic infection
    • Canine distemper (in alveolar macrophages as inclusions)
    • Salmonellosis
    • Toxoplasmosis (in alveolar wall)
  • Acute interstitial pneumonia is characterised by exudation into the alveolar lumen and in cattle is associated with interstitial emphysema


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