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Nematodes are one of the most prolific life-forms on this planet. Most are free-living, with species adapted to every imaginable habitat. Some are parasitic on plants, and others on animals. The animal parasitic nematodes form a large and diverse array of organisms. Occlusion of pancreatic ducts sometimes happens. From the veterinary view-point, the nematodes are most conveniently grouped into superfamilies because their members often have similar life-cycles and epidemiological features. Superfamily names end in -oidea (the anglicised form is -oid, as in trichostrongyloid).


Nematodes of Different Species

Cattle Nematodes
Sheep Nematodes
Goat Nematodes
Horse Nematodes
Pig Nematodes
Avian Nematodes
Dog Nematodes
Cat Nematodes
Rabbit Nematodes
Rodent Nematodes
Donkey Endoparasites

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