Pancreas - Parasitic Pathology

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Image of chronic parasitic(Eurytrema spp.) pancreatitis with fibrosis and atrophy in a cat from Cornell Veterinary Medicine

Image of chronic parasitic granulomas caused by Strongylus equinus from Cornell Veterinary Medicine

  • Parasites become important if they occlude the pancreatic duct directly or induce inflammation
  • Commonly caused by flukes of families Opisthorchidae and Dicrocoelidae when present in large numbers and overspill from the billiary tract
  • Nematodes, particularly ascarids, and cestodes occasionally lodge within pancreatic ducts
  • In pigs, Stephanurus dentatus can form cysts in the pancreas after migration through the liver
  • Parasites tend to cause chronic interstitial pancreatitis
  • Tend to destroy acinar tissue, islets of Langerhans being unaffected

Healing of pancreas - general pathology