Neoplasia, Intestinal

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  • Neoplasia in structures adjacent to the intestines can spread and cause external compression.
  • Pancreatic tumours in particular can extend and impinge on the duodenum.
  • Pedicles of tumours such as lipomas in horses can become wound in loops of intestine leading to obstruction and possible strangulation.
Closeup of a pedunculated lipoma (Courtesy of Elspeth Milne)
  • Clinical
  • Pathogenesis
    • Seen occasionally in cat (rarer in dog)
    • Usually towards end of intestines
      • E.g. at the ileocaecocolic valve.
    • Gut proximal to tumour becomes thickened due to hypertrophy of smooth muscle as a result of trying to force ingesta past progessively narrowing lumen.
    • Produces "hose pipe intestine".
    • Seen with carcinoma, lymphoma, leiomyoma and other tumours.