Pneumonic Pasteurellosis

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  • Synonym: Shipping fever
  • Caused by Manheimia haemolytica biotype A serotype 1 (90%) and Pasteurella multocida
  • In young, growing cattle
  • In clinically normal cattle Mann. haemolytica serotype 2 is present in low numbers, only in nasal cavity and tonsils
  • Clinical signs: depression, anorexia, rapid shallow respiration, crusty nose with mucopurulent discharge, serous ocular discharge
  • Acute bronchopneumonia and may progress to lobar pneumonia with toxaemia
  • Pathology
    • Lobar, cranioventral exudative pneumonia with fibrin, fibrinous pleuritis, areas of coagulative necrosis
  • Histology
    • Large numbers of bacteria are usually associated with necrotic lesions