Receptivity Behaviour - Anatomy & Physiology

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  • Copulatory behaviour of females that insures insemination.
  • Sexual activity of the postpubertal female is confined to oestrus ('heat').
  • Short Period of sexual receptivity limits the time during which precopulatory behaviour occurs.

Species Cow Mare Ewe Sow Bitch Queen
Consummation Behaviour Homosexual Mounting,Standing to be Mounted Presents Hindquarters to Male,Clitoral Exposure by Labial Eversion,Pulsatile Contractions of Labia Immobile Stance Immobile Stance Tail Deflected to One Side,Urination in presence of Male,Affectionate Head Rubbing Elevation of Rear Quarters & Hyperextension of Back ('Lordosis'),Presentation of Vulva,Tail Deviation


The Female Cat Exhibiting Lordosis

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  • Highly specific female motor response associated with 'willingness' to mate.
  • Triggers significant sexual arousal behaviour in the male.
  • Once the male discovers that the female will display lordosis, he becomes sexually stimulated.