Setaria spp.

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Setaria spp.
Class Nematoda
Super-family Filarioidea

Setaria labiato-papillosa

Also known as: Bovine abdominal filariosis


Intermediate hosts: Mosquitoes

Definitive hosts: Cattle, buffalo and deer


They are long, thin, white worms, generally less than 12cm in length.

Life Cycle

S. labiato-papillosa has an indirect life cycle. Larvae are produced by adult worms, and are present in the hosts blood. The mosquitoes become infected whilst feeding. The larvae develop in mosquitos and infect a new definitive host.

The prepatent period is 8-10 months.

Setaria digitatus

Also known as: Kumri


Intermediate hosts: Mosquitos

Definitive hosts: Cattle and buffalos


S. digitatus is similar in appearance to S. labito-papillosa, except slightly smaller at around 5cm.

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