Taenia ovis

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Taenia ovis
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Platyhelminthes
Class Cestoda
Order Cyclophyllidea
Family Taeniidae
Genus Taenia
Species T. ovis

Also known as: Cysticercus ovis — Ovine cysticercosis — Sheep measles


Intermediate host: sheep, and goats.

Definitive host: dogs and foxes.


T. ovis is a large tapeworm, usually around 1m in length. It has numerous hooks.

Life Cycle

The intermediate host ingests cysticercus, which hatch in the intestine and later infect the skeletal muscle and the heart. The definitive host becomes infected by ingestion of the intermediate host.

The prepatent period for T. ovis is 6-9 months.

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