Tooth Abrasion and Attrition

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Wear on tooth surfaces
Tooth abrasion from chewing fur/hair

Tooth abrasion and attrition is wear on tooth surfaces that are in contact with one another or an abrasive surface. This usually results from tooth on tooth contact in certain malocclusions and chewing on fibrous chew toys and balls eg. tennis balls.


Occasionally dogs with chronic skin allergies will have abrasion on their incisors from constantly chewing fur/hair.


These conditions often result from excessive abnormal behaviour.

Excessive wear can often result in exposure of the pulp cavity. If the wear is gradual, the pulp may respond by laying down more dentine – reparative dentine (also known as tertiary dentine).


Dogs should be prevented from engaging in activities such as cage biting, excessive play with textured balls and chewing stones.

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