Thelazia lacrymalis

Thelazia lacrymalis
Class Nematoda
Super-family Spiruroidea

Also known as: Equine eye worm


Intermediate hosts: Muscid flies

Definitive hosts: Horses


T. lacrymalis is a nematode of the superfamily Spiruroidea. The adults are small, at only 1-2cm in length, and are a pale yellow colour.

Life Cycle

The female worms are viviparous. L1 is passed by the female worm, and is ingested by the fly, acting as the intermediate host. The L1 develop into L2, then into L3 inside the ovarian follicles of the fly. The fly infects the definitive host whilst feeding.

The prepatent period of T. lacrymalis is 3-6 weeks.

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