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Equine influenza infection (Image courtesy of The Donkey Sanctuary)

Influenza virus (of the family Orthomyxoviridae) infection in the donkey is similar to the one in the horse.

Clinical Signs

As in the horse, infection with the influenza virus occurs with clinical signs of pyrexia, nasal discharge, cough, lymphadenopathy, depression and inappetance. Reports suggest that there is a higher mortality from the disease in donkeys and an increased rate of complications, such as bronchopneumonia and hyperlipaemia (Holland et al, 1995; Rose et al, 1970).


As with herpes virus infection, definitive diagnosis requires laboratory confirmation, and strict hygiene and isolation procedures should be implemented in the event of an outbreak. Due to the risk of complications in the donkey, it is recommended that antibiotics are administered early in the course of the disease and that attention is paid to appetite and serum triglycerides.


Donkeys should be protected with prophylactic vaccination protocols as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Literature Search

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Equine Influenza in donkeys publications

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