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Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Arachnida
Sub-class Acari
Order Sarcoptiformes
Family Psoroptidae
Genus Psoroptes

Psoroptes is an oval shaped, astigmatic, non-burrowing mite, causing psoroptic skin infestation in cattle, sheep, horses and rabbits. The most common species of Psoroptes seen within the UK are Psoroptes ovis, and Psoroptes cuniculi.

Psoroptes cuniculi (Copyright Joel Mills, Wikimedia Commons)


Psoroptes is an oval shaped, with legs longer than those seen in burrowing mites. The males have a pair of copulatory suckers. It is of the family Psoroptidae.

Life cycle

Psoroptes are confined to the skin surface, and feed on serous exudate by a siphoning process.

The Adult female is capable of laying up to 100 eggs during her life time, which is usually just one month. The duration of the life cycle is around 10 days, and consists of two nymphal stages.

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