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How Pet Food is Made
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There are several different types, or formats, of manufactured pet food including wet (can, pouch, tray), dry (extruded or baked) and complementary treats. (See section on types of pet food). The method of production and the ingredients used varies according to the format.

Section Content:

Wet Pet Food Manufacturing
Dry Pet Food Manufacturing
Complementary Care and Treats Manufacturing
Pet Food Safety and Quality
Common Ingredients Used In Pet Food

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Educational Brief
One of the main concerns cited by pet owners regarding pet food is how pet food is manufactured. It is also an area where there is a lot of misinformation and this section is aimed clarifying how pet food is made, and the safeguards usually employed to ensure pet food is safe and appropriate for dogs and cats. In order to better inform pet owners, veterinary professionals require a good understanding of pet food manufacturing practices and the quality control assurances measures. This section covers the range of methods used in the pet food manufacturing process.
By Professor Dan Chan

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