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Types of Pet Food
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The variety of pet food available on the market is enormous, ranging from basic raw foods to highly specialised therapeutic diets. Hence the categorisation of pet food is a complex task and has to be done using several lenses, such as legal definitions, processing state, moisture content, nutrient composition, format, intended purpose and feeding trends.

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Legal Definitions
Feeding Types

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Educational Brief
The pet food industry is now a $50 billion dollar industry and encompasses an enormous range of products and food types. The sheer variety of food types and terms used to describe different types of pet foods make it a very confusing subject not only to pet owners but to veterinary professionals as well. This section aims to clarify the terminology used to define various types of pet foods as well as give the background necessary to understand how certain feeding practices developed. This section also explains the differences between legal terms and claims that often confuse pet owners and veterinarians alike.
By Professor Dan Chan

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