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Liver lesions are common because: Link to Article
In each type of jaundice, will bilirubinuria be detected?
  • Haemolytic
  • Obstructive
  • Hepatocellular
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In regard to secondary photosensitisation, what are two hepatotoxic plants? Link to Article
What are two causes of necrosis? Link to Article
What can cause the liver to appear greenish-blue post mortem? Link to Article
True or false?

Cranial displacements of the liver are the most common.

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What occurs during congestion? Link to Article
True or false?

Congenital melanosis in calves and lambs appears as white discoloration of small irregular portions of the liver.

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Hepatic lipidosis or fatty liver syndrome is associated with? Link to Article
What could be a non-pathological reason for a cow displaying fatty liver syndrome during necropsy? Link to Article
True or false?

Equine hyperlipidemia or fat pony syndrome is similar to that in cats, as well as fatal within a week.

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What causes Lysosomal storage disease and how does it manifest itself? Link to Article
Herpes virus infections include: Link to Article
You are examining a cow's liver at necropsy. You notice the liver has several small areas of necrosis. Is this more likely to be Black Disease or Red Water Disease? Link to Article
What are the two main types of hepatitis in cats? Link to Article
True or false?

Use of carbon tetrachloride as an anthelmintic and phosphorous as a rodenticide has never been proven to produce liver necrosis.

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Pyrrolizidine alkaloids have an anti-mitotic effect whilst allowing continued synthesis within the cell and its nucleus. This causes a marked increase in the size of parenchymal cells, a phenomenon termed - Link to Article
Haemangiosarcoma can be primary in the liver, what are other predilection sites? Link to Article
True or false?

Chronic lymphocytic cholangitis generally afflicts only very young cats.

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What are two causes of cholangitis of the liver? Link to Article