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Common Ectoparasites of Donkeys

. Common name Scientific name Clinical signs
Lice Blood-sucking louse Haematopinus asini Anaemia
. Biting louse Damalinia equi Pruritus
Biting Midges . Culicoides spp. Sweet itch
Mange mites . Chorioptes equi Mange
. . Demodex equi .
. . Psoroptes equi .
. . Sarcoptes scabei .
Forage mites . Various species Irritation of lower limbs
Biting flies Stable fly Stomoxys calcitrans Fly worry
. Horse fly Tabanids .
. Head fly Hydrotaea irritans .
. Black fly Simulinum spp. .
Non-biting flies House fly Muscids Fly worry
Blow flies Greenbottle Lucilia sericata Myiasis (Blowfly strike)
. Bluebottle Calliphora spp. .
. Blackbottle Phormia terraenovae .
Ticks . Ixodes spp. Pruritus, nodules, alopecia, dermatosis
Stomach bots . Gasterophilus spp. Problem caused by larvae
Pin worms . Oxyuris equi Anal irritation
SPIRURIDS . Habronema spp. Summer sores (in the tropics)
ONCHOCERCIASIS . Onchocerca cervicalis Fistulous withers

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