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NEW Small Animal Nutrition - Pet Food Section
We are always working to add to the content on the site to support the highest standards of veterinary education. As part of this commitment, we have just completed a comprehensive new section on pet food in partnership with Mars Petcare, authored and reviewed by many well respected experts in the nutrition field. The content is now officially launched and made available to vet students, vets, vet nurses and pet owners through WikiVet.
WikiVet Small Animal Nutrition - Pet Food Poster
Watch the short introductory video by Professor Dan Chan
The Small Animal Nutrition Pet Food Quiz
As part of the release of this latest content we were running a quiz so that you could test your knowledge and be in with a chance of winning some great e-book prizes. The quiz is now closed, we will announce the winners shortly.
Nutrition Quiz Flyer - Pet Food
WikiVet Small Animal Nutrition Pet Food Content Details
Pet Food Infographic - Small Animal Nutrition
To help provide veterinarians, vet students, nurses and the public with higher quality resources in this area, the module includes sections covering types of pet food, feeding guides, how pet food is made and regulated, pet food labels and a history of the pet food industry
As part of the project we have also created a useful infographic, summarising some of the most important points from the content.

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