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New Pet Food Content

WikiVet now holds lots of fabulous new content: Small Animal Nutrition - Pet Food in partnership with Mars Petcare. If you have any questions regarding what to feed your pet or what advice to provide, this section will help you to understand the terminology, legal requirements and what is involved in pet food manufacture and labelling, as well as take you back in time with a brief snippet of history.

WikiVet and Mars Petcare have recently launched new veterinary educational materials focused on cat and dog nutrition and its role in health and wellbeing.

Global Survey of Veterinary Students' Online Learning

The results of the Global Survey of Veterinary Students' Online Learning survey have now been compiled and analysed. We had over 1,000 responses and a summary of the findings presented at the AMEE 2015 Conference is available here

WikiVet and Ceva Collaborate on New Behaviour Module

WikiVet has worked with widely respected veterinary behaviourist, Jon Bowen and Ceva Santé Animale to produce a comprehensive Feline Behaviour module that will be invaluable for both veterinary students and graduates. This resource includes high quality training and reference materials on normal and problem behaviour of cats in order to increase awareness of this important area of veterinary practice. To emphasise the relevance of behaviour to the veterinary school curriculum, WikiVet has also released a Global Challenge Quiz with e-book prizes for the winners provided by Wiley. To find out more, watch our video introduction and then go to the Feline Behaviour module.

Global Survey of Veterinary Students' Online Learning

We would like to get as many people as possible to participate in the Global Survey of Veterinary Students' Online Learning. It has been designed to investigate the technology and online resources (such as WikiVet) which are available to veterinary students around the world and feedback will help to inform the effective provision of online open educational resources. In return for participating in the survey everyone will receive a free eBook of Veterinary Tips. If you would like to complete the survey click here.

OVAM photo of equine foetus wins Wellcome Trust Image of the Year Award 2015

An image from the WikiVet Anatomy Museum wins the Wellcome Image Award 2015!

WikiVet and Vetstream Link Up to Provide Clinical Content to Vet Students Free of Charge

The latest peer-reviewed clinical content is to be offered to veterinary students online free of charge following an agreement with Vetstream, a leading supplier of digital clinical information to the veterinary profession. Vetstream offers four peer-reviewed online point-of-care, clinical reference resources: Canis (dogs), Felis (cats), Equis (horses) and Lapis (rabbits), which can be accessed on any internet-enable device. Updated weekly, its resources feature content from more than 900 leading veterinary clinicians from around the world with content focused on the differences from normal in animals experiencing clinical conditions. By integrating these resources with WikiVet content, students will be able to benefit from an even more extensive and comprehensive online reference and educational resource.

Vet Revise

This brilliant flash card program has been developed by Matthew Dobson, a 4th year veterinary student at the Royal Veterinary College. Vet Revise is a sophisticated flashcard program which uses a system similar to Anki, which is a lot more efficient than traditional study methods. It not only greatly decreases your time spent studying but also increases the amount you learn. Matthew has recently been selected as a leading Student Innovator in the UK. The program has been developed for vet students and now includes over 80,000 flashcards. It has just been released for student use and we hope you will find it useful and inspire you to build and share your own card sets.


We are also really pleased that the Association of Veterinary Students and the International Veterinary Students Association have agreed to work with WikiVet in raising awareness of the site with their associated veterinary schools. We look forward to developing this partnership in the future.

WikiVet Reaches 40,000 Registered Members!

At the beginning of 2015 WikiVet reached 40,000 registered users. In recognition of this milestone we have awarded a prize to the lucky 40,000th registrant Kate Cheeseman from The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh, who has provided us with a brief biography.

WikiVet 2014 Review


The latest update of WikiVet activities with information about the continued growth of the site is available here.

WikiVet Promotion

We have recently created a promotional flier for WikiVet as we are looking to recruit even more new students this year than ever before. We hope you will print out the flier and then be inspired to email it around to new students, distribute it as a handout or even stick it on a noticeboard.

WikiVet Global Challenge Winners

There has been a great response to the Global Dentistry Challenge in November with over 350 respondents from over 60 vet schools. We are now analysing all the results to help us identify topics that students have difficulty with. In the meantime, Lisa Milella has created a 30 minute guide explaining what the correct responses actually were.

We are also delighted to announce the three prize winners for the Challenge:

  1. Hannah Moody who is a fourth year student at the Royal (Dick) Vet School in Edinburgh
  2. Paulina Wieczorkowska a veterinary student from Poland who came second
  3. Ssebunya Yvette a fourth year student at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Biosecurity(CoVAB), Makerere University, Uganda

More information about our winners and the link to the video are available on the dentistry launch page.

Animal Handling Videos

We are delighted to have received over 70 great videos from Dr Pietro Celi who is Senior Lecturer in Ruminant Production and Health at the Faculty of Veterinary Science in the University of Sydney. These have all been published on the WikiVet Video site and can be viewed here.

WikiVet and Mars Petcare Collaborate

WikiVet has worked with Lisa Milella BVSc DipEVDC MRCVS and Mars Petcare to produce a comprehensive Small Animal Dentistry module that will be invaluable for both veterinary students and graduates. The collaboration has develop high quality training and reference materials on certain areas of preventative dental healthcare to increase awareness and complement the growing vet school curriculum in this area.

VetPrep Lectures

VetPrep has generously provided free access to a series of e-lectures through WikiVet. These include sessions on Feline Herpes virus, PRSS, Canine Intestinal Obstructions and Equine Streptococcus. These can be accessed through the Lectures link on the left side menu.

BSAVA Support

WikiVet is pleased to announce the generous donation from the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) who have provided textbooks to support our new Challenge and outreach programs. Copies of the BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Dentistry will be offered to students and vetschools in the Global Challenge.

We have teamed up with the International Veterinary Information Service (IVIS) to provide links to over 50 sets of international Conference Proceeding from our Proceedings page. You will need to register with the IVIS site first but then access to this vast collection is totally free.4th September 2014

A new feature on WikiVet is a series of veterinary podcasts which you can access from the link on the left border. These include over 20 clinical topics recorded by Shailen Jasani through interviews with RVC Queen Mother Hospital for Animals clinicians on topics such as Transfusion Medicine. There are also 50 research podcasts on a wide range of topics such as Hot topics in animal locomotion research also recorded at the RVC. Finally there are some great podcasts from practice developed by Peter Wedderburn who is a veterinary practitioner in Ireland. 28th August 2014

WikiVet has added a selection of over 300 valuable veterinary educational links. This is probably the most comprehensive listing of its kind on the web. All the links have been been selected and reviewed by students and staff at the Royal Veterinary College in London. Each link includes a summary to indicate how these resources might be of value. 22nd August 2014

VetDoc Spain 2014 For the first time ever a Spanish language equivalent (VetDoc) of the well know VetEd Symposium was held over the weekend in Lugo, Galicia. It was a great success with more than 60 attendees and a member of the WikiVet team went along as well. Numerous interesting posters were presented with some great ideas and fantastic resources which are now being used in the veterinary syllabus in Spain. If you are interested in learning more about what went on and having a look at some of the innovative work more information can be found on the VetDoc site.


April 2012 - WikiVet goes mobile!
From April you can now view a mobile-optimised version of WikiVet on your mobile devices. Read more...

OVAM student workshop.JPG

14-15th April 2012 - OVAM training weekend
This month the Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum (OVAM) workshop was held at the RVC Hawkshead Campus. Each partner school in the project has an e-Curator who will take part in organising the resources they have to contribute and the workshop was a chance for all the curators to meet and learn more about the project and what will be required of them in the coming months in their roles as e-Curators. In total there were 11 students who attended the weekend, from UK vet schools, Hartpury College, as well as Dublin, Utrecht, Murcia and Bern in Europe. Many ideas and aspects of the project were discussed as well as time for everybody to get to know each other and enjoy some good food! If you would like to read more about the weekend and the project in general please visit our blog and the project page.


12-13th April 2012 - BSAVA 2012 Exhibition
Chris Trace attended the BSAVA 2012 Exhibition, and met with many publishers and potential content providers. See what else he got up to in the full story

February 2012 - OVAM roadshow
The OVAM Team have taken to the road over February and visited many of the OVAM Partners. Find out about their adventures here, there's some great pictures and stories in the OVAM Blog too!

9th December 2011 - OVAL dissemination and OVAM launch events
The Opening Access to Veterinary Literature (OVAL) project dissemination and the Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum (OVAM) launch event took place at the Royal Veterinary College on December 9th, 2011. More information can be found via the OVAM page, including recordings of the event via Adobe Connect. We are very excited about creating this veterinary museum!


November 2011 - WikiVet in India
In late November Nick Short from WikiVet visited India to make a presentation to a workshop of veterinary experts from across India as well as from international organizations in New Delhi to discuss measures to strengthen the veterinary profession in India, with a particular focus on livestock and dairy veterinary medicine. Read more here


14th November 2011 - Launch of Courses on WikiVet
The RVC has become the first school to map it's curriculum into WikiVet. The first years of the Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Science and Veterinary Nursing courses have been mapped out, enabling students to see week by week what WikiVet articles and resources are relevant to their week's lectures. Read more here.

November 2011 - Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum
We have just heard that another major new WikiVet based project has received 0ver £ 130,000 of JISC funding. The Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum (OVAM) involves all the UK and Irish veteriinary schools as well as partners overseas and commercial publishers. The aim is to develop a comprehensive and eduicationally focussed online anatomy museum by pooling resources from all the project partners. This is one of the first times that so many vetschools have signed up to a joint bid and represents the potential of WikiVet to foster collaboration.


November 2011 - WikiVet on iTunes
WikiVet now has its own iTunes site through which you can download podcasts in English, French and Spanish. As part of the Opening Veterinary Access to Literature, we have been recording short podcasts of key disease factsheets. You can download these onto a laptop, iPhone or iPod and listen to them whenever you want. In fact you can also choose to subscribe to our iTunes podcasts so that any new recordings will automatically be downloaded as and when they become available. Find out more : iTunesVet


November 2011 - Joint WikiVet project on Online Publishing
WikiVet is a partner in a new project funded by JISC entitled “Investigating new business models for including published works in OER (PublishOER)”. The project is led by Newcastle University and includes the RVC and Nottingham veterinary schools. It provides exciting new opportunities for WikiVet as it will involve working with leading science publishers, including Elsevier, to explore new models for publishing veterinary content. Find out more PublishOER

French flag.jpg

November 2011 - French WikiVet site launched
WikiVet has launched its French site. It is currently a very simplified version of the English site and consists of 100 pages about worldwide diseases which were adapted from CABI datasheets and translated as part of the OVAL project. Find out more

Ivccflyer portrait med 2col.jpg

23-25th October 2011 - International Symposium on Veterinary Public Health, Food Safety and Major Emergent Animal Diseases
The International Veterinary Collaboration for China (IVCC) is running a symposium on 23rd - 25th October in Chengdu, Sichuan Privince, Chine. For mote details see the International Symposium on Veterinary Public Health, Food Safety and Major Emergent Animal Diseases.


1st September 2011 - WikiVet appears in the German veterinary journal VET impulse
You can view a copy of the article and a translation here

25-26th August 2011 - WikiVet Team Attended the NOVICE Summer School

NOVICE Summer SchoolNOVICE Summer School WV team.jpg

Members of the WikiVet team attended the NOVICE Summer School in Budapest at Szent István University, Faculty of Veterinary Science on 25-26 August 2011.
The Network Of Veterinary ICt in Education (NOVICE) seeks to explore and extend the use of Web 2.0 tools in veterinary education and lifelong learning. The interactive site enables members - which include veterinarians, veterinary students, ICT educationalists and veterinary educationalists - to exchange knowledge and expertise throughout Europe and beyond. We think of it as the discussion part of WikiVet. The summer school provided an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas, discuss projects and strengthen already existing relationships between members. The next Summer School will be in Bucharest in October 2012.


12th-14th July 2011 - Nottingham Educational Symposium
WikiVet held a full-day pre-conference workshop on the 12th July. This involved an introduction to WikiVet and a focus group that looked at how WikiVet should prioritise it's actions over the next few years. In the afternoon there was an authoring workshop for delegates, and a student focus group was held. The following day WikiVet ran a 90-minute workshop as part of the main symposium that focussed on how WikiVet can be integrated into teaching and learning more effectively at institutions.


13th June 2011 - WikiVet team attend Glasgow Vet School's TELT day
Members of the WikiVet team went to Glasgow Vet School's Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching Focus day. They made a presentation in the morning, then ran an authoring workshop in the afternoon. Academics, clinicians and students from Glasgow all made presentations and attended the authoring workshop afterwards.

WikiVet Africa.jpg

May 2011 - WikiVet representatives visit Nairobi Vet school and attend e-Learning conference in Africa
Nick Short and Raymond Macharia ran a workshop at the University of Nairobi veterinary school on the use of WikiVet. Over 60 vets and students attended the 3 day event and it was clear that there was a real hunger for access to more quality online veterinary resources. Following this, they attended an eLearning Conference about the use of ICT in Africa. Read more...

Nick and Prisca Vet2011.JPG

13th-15th May 2011 - WikiVet representatives attend the Vet2011 Veterinary Education conference
‎Nick Short and Dr Prisca Noble represented WikiVet at the World Conference on Veterinary Education in Lyon. This event was part of the 250th anniversary celebrations of the veterinary profession. There seemed real interest amongst heads of vet schools from around the world in developing shared online resources, great news! Read more...

Espanol link.png

Links created to translated content on Spanish Wiki
Pages are being translated and integrated into the Spanish WikiVet site. Links are created that allow navigation between different language versions of the same page. Read more...

Murcia Visit.jpg

1st-2nd April 2011 - Murcia students visit WikiVet team
Two students from the University of Murcia Faculty of Veterinary Medicine visited the Royal Veterinary College for one week as part of an exchange program.
The students took part in an editing workshop, and discussed the creation of the Spanish WikiVet site. Read more...

WikiVet wins funding for OVAL project


The Royal Veterinary College, in partnership with the University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, CABI and Manson Publishing has secured over £90,000 from JISC as part of their eContent Programme. Read more...

27th February 2011 - WikiVet is on NOVICE


WikiVet has a group on NOVICE, which stands for the Network of Veterinary ICt in Education. The group can be found on the NOVICE site

11-12th February 2011 - WikiVet comes to Sweden

Uppsala visit2.jpg

WikiVet representatives have visited the vet school in Uppsala, Sweden. They presented to staff and students and ran a workshop that taught students how to use the website. Read more...

15th February 2011 - WikiVet is on Facebook!


We have created a WikiVet Community Page on Facebook. We're hoping that this group will be a place to discuss WikiVet so if you have any problems/questions/suggestions then feel free to post them there!

WikiVet on Facebook

WikiVet and Pfizer meeting on 12th January 2011

Pfizer meeting.jpg

Visit by Pfizer representatives to the Royal Veterinary College to discuss future development with the WikiVet development team. In the photo Kim Whittlestone (WikiVet), Patricia Randeynes (e-learning Manager Pfizer Business Innovation), Bara Stanikova (WikiVet) and Theo Kanellos (Pfizer - Global Alliances).

8th December 2010 - New Content released
We now have some exciting new content on Lizards and Snakes. It includes normal anatomy and physiology as well as common conditions and treatment, handling and diagnostic sample collection. Description of a selection of common species is also present. We are sure you will find the information useful but have a look and find out for yourself!.

16th September 2010 - CABI partnership underway!
Good news for students and CABI users - we are developing links to content pages within the site that will allow CABI registered users to access searches for the latest research on the topic at the click of a button more...

15th June 2010 - New content development underway this Summer!
We have recently recruited 12 summer student and graduate authors from the Royal Veterinary College, Bristol, Edinburgh and Cambridge Vet Schools. They will be improving and increasing the content on WikiVet, with particular work on the bugs and clinical sections this Summer. More details...

21st May 2010 - New Donkey Section launched
Users of WikiVet will now have access to a new source of accurate, regularly reviewed, practical and research-led information about donkeys thanks to a new section of the site sponsored by the Sidmouth-based Donkey Sanctuary. More details ....

3rd April 2010 - WikiVet Secures Funding From Pfizer
WikiVet has received funding from one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer. The sponsorship has enabled the site to increase the development of content and a range of online services for the profession. More details ....

22nd October 2009 - WikiVet - A learner's perspective
The latest ALT Newsletter contains an article by Bev Panto, a recent RVC graduate. Bev has been working on the WikiTest initiative funded by the RCVS Trust. Find out more...

28th September 2009 - Welcome to all first year students
This is that time of year when we welcome the next intake of students to our vetschools. We hope that you will all find content within WikiVet of use during the coming years of your course. Please let us know if you have any suggestions as to how we can improve the site.

10th August 2009 - RCVS Trust Funded Workshop in Nottingham
A WikiVet workshop involving students and staff from 4 UK vetschools was held at Nottingham vet schools to plan the development of multiple choice questions to complement the Wiki content. This initiative has been funded by the RCVS Trust. More details ....

10th May 2009 - Links with other veterinary groups
WikiVet has been working to establish links with a range of other veterinary organisations including the British Veterinary Association Overseas Group, the Commonwealth Veterinary Association and the Association of Veterinary Students. More details ....

2nd April 2009 - RCVS Trust funds WikiVet
The RCVS Trust has announced that it will provide £ 4,700 from its small grant fund to WikiVet. The funding will go to the development of self assessment tools such as MCQs and Flash Cards linked to WikiVet content. More details ....

31st March 2009 - WikiVet Steering Group meets at the RVC
The WikiVet Steering Group met at the RVC on the 31st March 2009 to review progress and plan the next steps in development. Representatives from vet schools in Nottingham, Cambridge, Edinburgh and the RVC attended as well as from the MEDEV centre in Newcastle.Group Photo ....

28th January 2009 - Recent web reviews of WikiVet
The following reviews of WikiVet have appeared on the web:

[Woah… Have You Seen WikiVet?]

[Veterinary education at the click of a mouse]

12th January 2009 - WikiVet presents at the International Veterinary Students Association 2008 Conference [IVSA]
The IVSA conference this year was held at Glasgow and Edinburgh universities over the New Year period. Natalie Brown (RVC) presented WikiVet to the conference with a view to attracting more international student support for the project. Interest was shown in translating the wiki into other languages and in adding more content to widen the relevance beyond just the UK.

28th November 2008 - WikiVet receives funding from the British Society of Toxicological Pathologists [BSTP]
The BSTP has just agreed to provide sponsorship to support the WikiVet project in 2009. This funding will be used to cover wiki server hosting costs at the University of London Computer Centre.

23rd October 2008 - WikiDrugs Ready for Population

All the WikiClinical stub pages are now in place. Please feel free to start populating these pages with lots of clinical knowledge. If you are having trouble editing pages please refer back to our help pages.

9th October 2008 - The Wiki is Launched

Attendees of the WikiVet Launch

The WikiVet project was officially launched at MEDEV, Newcastle University. People from varying aspects of the Veterinary, Educational, Pharmaceutical and Medical professions attended the conference. Five people also attended the virtual conference, which made for an exciting yet interactive session. We feel that the launch was a great success and look forward to watching WikiVet grow.